At Tigerlillies our day is both consistent and flexible. We recognise that spontaneity and flexibility can provide some of the best learning opportunities´ such as going outside to experience a foggy day, or building a snowman. Whereas, consistency offers children security, supporting their organisation, and planning of what they wish to do next.

Whilst we put no limitations on the enjoyment of learning, a daily routine at Tigerlillies may look something like this:

Greeting time
Children are welcomed at the door to provide a smooth transition between home and Pre-School. The Pre-School is presented in an inviting way, with colourful, interesting toys, equipment and resources´.

Planning time
This is the time when children enjoy planning their work time, as they choose where they wish to play, and the resources they want to use, along with who they may like to work with. We use various equipment, which the children excitedly share to assist with their choosing.

Work (do) time
At this time children carry out their plans with the teacher supporting and extending their play, developing concept skills and knowledge across the EYFS six areas of learning. Children have wonderful resources and Montessori materials, as we cleverly combine the EYFS with Montessori teaching methods and High/ Scope. Our Early Years teacher holds a Montessori Diploma and is a High/Scope endorsed trainer.

Tidy up time
Tidy up time is fun as it provides many opportunities to continue learning. If the children wish to continue with their work at a later time, or would like to save it to show to their carers, they are able to keep it safely on a shelf for ´Show and Tell.´

Review time
This special time is very popular as it is children´s time to discuss what they did during work time and time to show their work to their peers and their teachers, who support the discussion with observations made during work time.

A very important time of day! Children socialise and chatter, over their packed lunches, developing their independence and learning about nutrition in a café style environment!

There is always fresh drinking water readily available for children to serve themselves, at any time throughout the day. We have a flexible snack time where children help themselves to a variety of fresh fruit at a time of their choosing. This encourages independent thinking and confidence, and allows children to feel actively involved in their own planning.

Small group time
This is a time where the teacher plans the activity around the children´s interests, and presents the activity to the children. Small group time could include anything from pottery making, to cooking, to performing drama activities and more! Small group time is endless fun that children love being involved in.

Large group time
Children and adults gather together to share group games, circle time, sing songs, dance and play instruments, to share information about their day.

Circle Time
At circle time messages and information are shared. We may discuss any visitors that will pop into pre-school, snack information, news and views, and other relevant topics. Another learning experience for children as they take turns to speak and listen to each other.
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