Tigerlillies recognises that every child is unique and has their own style of learning. Activities are planned to meet the children´s interests, developmental stages, and channel their abilities. Research clearly demonstrates a link between children´s achievements‚ and their self esteem, so we aim to provide varied learning opportunities for children to achieve, and learn through play. We encourage children to help others and become thoughtful in relation to their peers.

We have found that the most effective curriculum for both children and teachers alike, is to wholeheartedly embrace the EYFS curriculum, whilst incorporating the High/Scope Approach and the Montessori teaching method.

We have found that both HighScope and the Montessori Method, complement the EYFS, resulting in a unique and challenging learning environment for the children.

Our goal is to provide to an environment that enables children to be creative, and that´s why at Tigerlillies we not only offer established methods of education, but also incorporate the latest technology.

With the use of ipad tablets we can make education fun. With a connection to a large display your child can become the educator. This enables children to develop their fine motor skills, which are extremely important in learning and life. We believe that an early introduction to technology gives children a fantastic head start, allowing them to understand and develop new skills, as their education progresses.

We understand that 'learning occurs constantly whether intentionally or incidentally' ( MacLeod-Brunell 2004: 45), therefore any activity during the course of the day is a perfect time to learn!

What is the EYFS?

The EYFS is the Statutory Framework that sets the standards for learning development, and care for children from birth to five. There are six areas covered by the early learning goals and educational programmes which are:
  • 1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • 2. Communication, Language and Literacy
  • 3. Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy
  • 4. Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • 5. Physical Development
  • 6. Creative Development
To learn more about the EYFS please visit: www.everychildmatters.gov.uk

What is HighScope?
HighScope is a quality approach to children's learning that is widely used in the UK. HighScope recognises the uniqueness of each child and develops their self-confidence by building on what they can do. This approach is based on sound educational principles, as detailed below.
  • Active Learning
    Children learn best by being active - by engaging with people, materials, events and ideas in ways that are direct, immediate and meaningful to them. Every aspect of the HighScope Approach supports active learning.

  • Personal Initiative
    Children have a natural desire to learn. HighScope recognises and supports this. It encourages children to use their initiative, to plan and to develop their own strengths and interests. The Plan-Do-Review process gives children the opportunity to create and express their intentions, to generate their own learning experiences and to reflect on those experiences

  • Consistency
    To become confident, independent learners, children need consistency. The HighScope Approach provides this through the daily routine, the organisation of the learning environment and in the ways that adults interact with children.

  • Genuine Relationships
    Children achieve more when they feel happy and secure. HighScope practitioners bring genuine warmth and trust to their relationships with children. They also respect and value each child's personal and cultural identity.

  • Appropriate Curriculum
    Children need a curriculum that is appropriate to their intellectual, emotional and physical development. The HighScope Curriculum has been developed through extensive observations of young children learning. It is based on key development indicators (formerly Key Experiences) and offers children the foundation of knowledge, skills and ideas that supports the Early Years Foundation Stage while creating confident learners.

** The above text has been taken from the HighScope website, with their kind permission.

To learn more about the High/Scope Approach please visit: http://www.high-scope.org.uk

What is Montessori?
Montessori takes its name from Dr Maria Montessori whose scientific background led her to develop the Montessori teaching method. Montessori's method recognises that every child has a unique personality, ability and desire to learn. Dr Montessori acknowledges that a child´s thought processes differ from those of adults, and her approach allows children to actively choose, try and do themselves, creating a very powerful and successful learning environment.

At Tigerlillies we continuously encourage children´s independence. Through the use of carefully selected Montessori materials and exercises′ children work effectively and productively in a confidence building, learning environment.

In our Montessori area the children will be able to choose from various materials in:- Practical life: these materials reflect the children´s need to model behaviours′ reflecting their family life. They also allow children to contribute towards the cultural and social life of the classroom, offering them the opportunity to experience a sense of belonging. The materials represent tasks that they may be familiar with from their home environment, such as pouring, polishing, dusting, getting dressed, sweeping, looking after plants, whilst introducing many new skills.

To learn more about the Montessori Method please visit: http://www.montessori.org.uk/
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